Florida Blue Medicare PPO

More and more Florida seniors are choosing Florida Blue Medicare PPO as their Medicare Advantage provider. If you’re over 65, and you’re considering looking into your options, you may want to learn more about why this plan is so popular. With flexible options, affordable coverage and value added services, Florida Blue Medicare PPO may be just be the right choice for you.

Comprehensive Coverage to Fit Your Lifestyle

As a Florida resident, you know better than most how your lifestyle works for you, not the other way around. You need a Medicare Advantage plan that has the coverage you’re looking for with the least hassle. Florida Blue Medicare PPO has prescription drug coverage, dental, vision, even hearing services designed to fit your needs.

With an extensive network of doctors, hospitals, specialists and pharmacies, you don’t have to think about out-of-network hassles. Nationwide emergency coverage makes it possible to travel with confidence and not worry about medical care should you need it. Choose your doctor, choose your hospital and spend more time enjoying life and less time worrying about your health care coverage.

Predictable Out-of-Pocket Costs

Medical care is expensive, there’s no way around it. However, the right plan can make sure you have moderate out-of-pocket expenses and predictable charges. Florida Blue Medicare PPO offers $0 monthly plan premiums, $0 deductibles for generic prescription drugs and $0 co-pay if you have your medication mailed to you. Budgeting for health care with Florida Blue Medicare PPO is easy and convenient, and with no co-pay for preventive care, you can get screenings, tests and a variety of services any time you want- no questions asked.

Value Added Services

For many Florida seniors, the value of a Florida Blue Medicare PPO plan extends beyond comprehensive benefits and affordable costs. It’s about the extras that make a difference every day. Are you headed out to the doctor’s? How about scheduling appointments ahead of time, filling prescriptions or viewing lab test results from the comforts of home? A Florida Blue Medicare PPO plan provides these options and more, with dependable, trusted coverage behind every plan.